Leap Of The Foals


‘Leap Of The Foal’s’ is my second novel.

Leap of the Foals is the story of big-wave surfer and bartender, Murty, who writes of his journey to the mythical island of Kilstipheen from his room in a Mental Home in Limerick. The novel is a voice-driven narrative told in the first person and is a modern version of the ancient Irish Echtrae.
The novel explores themes such as the death of traditional masculinity, gender and sexuality, isolation in the consumerist and materialist society and the philosophy of Idealism. I am also very interested in the idea that we are living in the Anthropocene Epoch and in exploring the concept of what Austrian philosopher Glenn Albrecht terms Sostalgia, which he calls a ‘form of psychic or existential distress caused by environmental change.’
Leap of the Foals gives the reader an insight into the fascinating sub-culture of extreme or big-wave surfing on the west coast of Ireland. Leap of the Foals will be the first Irish surf novel and the first of a new literary genre called Surf Gothic.


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