Cliona’s Wave

Cliona’s Wave was published by Indigo Dreams UK.

Praise for Clíona’s Wave from Jeremy Irons-

I enjoyed reading it immensely from the first to the last. It is a real page turner, and I think will prove so even for those who are not familiar with its locations.
Of course, for me it was magical to have that area, that I know so well, brought vividly back to life over its last hundred years.
As a writer you have the gift of getting under the skin of changing attitudes, always with a strong, rather than sentimental, compassion.
By writing characters that we care so deeply about, you chart the history and experience of this part of West Cork with a disarming facility.

What we bury doesn’t go away.

Growing up in the 1940’s in a small Irish seaside village in West Cork, Bridget is an intelligent, compassionate girl with maturity beyond her years. Heavily influenced by her wise old grandmother & her stories of the history of her land, her village and her family, she learns of the legacy of violence and suffering that surrounds her, including the dark past of her father, an ex-IRA gunman.

Sightings of a mysterious stranger in the village foreshadow the misfortune that befalls her family when her father goes off at war and her younger sister Nessa becomes pregnant. Bridget tries to prevent her sister from being taken to the Magdalene Laundry, a home for fallen woman. Is she strong enough to resist the Catholic Church? Will she ever find out who is the father of Nessa’s child? Bridget takes responsibility for it all, but who is really responsible?

Cliona’s Wave gives us an insight into life in the new Irish State struggling with the legacy of a violent past and over relying on the Catholic Church to act as moral compass. Seamlessly interweaving religion, history and philosophy it is a tale of compassion & humanity and how one girl eventually discovers the dark truth hiding inside of all of us.

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